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Meet Suzanne

My mosaic spark was lit in 2014 when I was living in the Netherlands in Europe and attended an adult education mosaic class at the American School of The Hague. We used Delft Blauw (Delft Blue) broken bits to create a decorative mirror. I was hooked! I soon signed up for workshops throughout Europe and am honored to have worked with many talented artists, including Dino Maccini (Italy), Mireille Swinnen (Belgium), Anabella Wewer (U.S./Venezuela),  Romuald Mesdagh (Belgium/Italy) and Alessandra di Gennaro (Italy), Miriam Bastisch (Germany) and I have gained international friends on this journey. When my husband and I returned to Nashville in 2019 after our seven years as expats, we found a home with a stand-alone building that has been transformed into my mosaic studio. I can’t wait to welcome you to Glassy Eyed Mosaics!

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