About Glassy Eyed Mosaics

Cologne, Germany workshop

Meet Suzanne

My mosaic spark was ignited in 2014 when I was living in the Netherlands and attended an adult education mosaic class at the American School of The Hague.

We used Delft Blauw (Delft Blue) broken bits to create a decorative mirror. I was hooked! I soon signed up for workshops throughout Europe and am honored to have worked with talented artists, including Dino Maccini (Italy), Mireille Swinnen (Belgium), Anabella Wewer (U.S./Venezuela),  Romuald Mesdagh and Alessandra di Gennaro (Belgium/Italy), Miriam Bastisch (Germany) and Marzia Truant (Italy). When my husband and I returned to Nashville in 2019 after our seven years as expats we found a home with a stand-alone building that has been transformed into my mosaic studio. I can’t wait to welcome you to Glassy Eyed Mosaics!

Glassy Eyed Mosaics

The maestros and maestras who shared their talents with me at workshops throughout Europe were patient and gracious, helping me discover talent I didn’t know I had or needed! These creative and gifted artists made me to want to share my love of mosaics when I returned to Nashville. As a guest at Glassy Eyed Mosaics your first piece will be a 10x10 framed mirror while younger guests will have a choice of age-appropriate surfaces.

You’ll use various materials including tiles, broken pottery, beads, china, and many more items, all supplied for you, to design your unique piece of art. I’ll be with you throughout the process to explain, demonstrate, and encourage you as you complete your vision during the 3.5 hour introductory workshop. Should you want to dig deeper into the infinite possibilities of mosaics, you’re invited to join me in the studio for ongoing (weekly, bi-weekly) workshops where you can choose your next project from numerous mosaic surfaces, also known as substrates. The Glassy Eyed Mosaic studio is stocked with many choices. I know once you join me you’ll be hooked as you explore this ancient, yet contemporary, art form.