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Workshop Details

Introduction to Mosaics

  • Adults: 3.5 hour classes available mornings and afternoons
    • All materials provided=$70
  • Children: 2 hour class available mornings and afternoons
    • All materials provided=$40 (Upon request)
  • Evening and weekend classes available upon request

Ongoing Workshops

  • $40 per class + 1x material fee per project

* Make a date with friends, family or work groups for a creative and fun session to spark your creativity. For more information, get in touch by email.


Visiting Artists

Nationally known mosaic artists, including Karen Sasine who is the founder of Mosaic Mentoring, will join us in Glassy Eyed Mosaics to share their talents and techniques. Information about workshops will be posted when dates are set.

Workshops & Classes

Contact us using the form below with questions about classes, times and dates.

How many will be attending? Please include any other information that will help us make this a fun experience.